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Phoenix Walk-in Tub Installers

For older homeowners or those with limited mobility, bathing can pose safety hazards that other people wouldn’t consider. The need to step over a high tub wall creates a fall risk and, for many, makes it impossible to bathe without assistance. A walk-in tub from Optum Home Solutions eliminates these risks and allows continued independence.

Optum Home Solutions is proud to be the trusted choice for helping homeowners with mobility issues and those who want to age in place get bathtubs for elderly/seniors installed in their homes. Our handicap accessible bathtubs look beautiful and boast a number of features that add exceptional value and function to any size bath.

Durable, High-Quality Replacement Walk-In Tubs

A handicap bathtub isn’t just a convenience—for many people it is a necessity. If you or a loved one would benefit from a handicap tub, then the team at Optum Home Solutions can help you design the ideal product to suit your needs and budget.

Benefits of choosing a new walk-in tub from Optum Home Solutions include:

  • Fast Installation: We can install your new walk-in tub in as little as one day.
  • No Messy Demolition: In many cases, a walk-in tub will fit in the footprint of an existing tub with no need to reconfigure the entire bathroom.
  • Variety of Styles and Colors: Our handicap bathtubs are available in a number of customizable options to suit every taste.
  • Affordable Pricing: A replacement walk-in tub is much more affordable than you might think, especially factoring in the added value to your home.
  • Easy Maintenance: Our tubs are infused with an antimicrobial agent to ensure that they stay free of mold and mildew—without daily scrubbing. 
  • Custom Accessories: Add accessories such as soothing jets and grab bars to create the perfect bathing experience.

Step Into Safety with a New Walk-In Tub Today

If safety is a concern in your home's bathroom, then don’t wait any longer to learn more about our high-quality walk-in tubs! Just give Optum Home Solutions a call today to get more information on our customizable products and services. For your convenience, you can also fill out our simple online form to request your free, no-obligation estimate now.