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Optum Home Solutions’ Home Remodeling FAQ!

Why are vinyl windows better than aluminum or wood?

Vinyl windows are constructed with multi-chambered frames and sashes so that the heat from the outdoors is not transferred into your home. Aluminum frames transfer the heat into your home just like foil transfers heat from your oven to your food. Wood frames do not transfer as much heat as aluminum, but they are generally very expensive and require a lot of maintenance.

Why do I need dual pane windows?

Dual pane windows have a space between the panes so that when the outside pane gets hot from the sun, the heat is not transferred to the inside pane and into your home. Optional features such as LowE, Argon gas make the dual pane windows even more effective.

My home is new and was built with dual pane windows. Why change?

If the windows in your home have aluminum frames, the heat is being transferred through the frame into your home. Aluminum frames will corrode over time, while vinyl windows will not chip, peel, crack or fade.

My dual pane windows have fogged up. Do I need new windows?

Possibly. Some homes are built with economy-grade dual pane windows that do not have sealed glass units. Our vinyl windows have sealed insulated glass units specially engineered to resist leaks. Our wide vinyl frame is more energy efficient than the economy models that builders use.

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