Bathroom conversions can be simple and easy when you pick the right bathroom remodeling company. They may even be able to be done in as little as one day. Do not count yourself out if you want a conversion done to your bathroom. Just pick the perfect bathroom remodeling company to help you make it a smooth and simple process. Before you decide if a bathroom conversion is right for you, read about the pros and cons of each bathroom conversion.

Tub-to-Shower Conversions

When a family outgrows the bathtub stage it is not uncommon for a bathroom to become a shower-only space. So why leave the tub? A huge con to converting to a shower-only space is that you may have a hard time reselling your house down the line. A family with small children will see a bathroom remodel as another expense on top of buying your home.

However, if you have a tub somewhere else in your home this opens the door to creating the perfect spa-like space. Your tub-to-shower conversion can include customized shelving that is just right for the number of items you have, or a removable shower head that you hand-pick. Customers will often add a glass enclosure as an upgrade to any bathroom to make a new shower look fabulous.

Shower-to-Tub Conversion

Have you found yourself stuck with a bathroom that does not meet all of your needs? Doing a shower-to-tub conversion is perfect for bathrooms in a home where a different kind of bathing experience is needed. This can be super helpful to families with young children, or it can be a different type of stylish relaxation space. No matter what your reasoning is, a good bathroom remodeling company can make any kind of tub conversion look fantastic.

One of the only cons to doing a tub conversion is that you may eventually outgrow the space and need to do another bathroom remodel down the road. As you age a tub may also become not easily accessible, which would then call for another bathroom remodel. Thankfully walk-in bathtubs are a great option for baths as we age!

What is most important at this point is to do what you need to make your bathroom the most functional for your family. If you are ready for a bathroom conversion from a top-rated bathroom remodeling company, call Optum Home Solutions today. We would love to offer you our free no-obligations estimate service.