Perhaps you've been thinking about ways that you could upgrade your home but aren't sure where to start. With so many projects ready to start, how do you choose which ones to tackle first? When taking on a home remodeling project, it's essential to think about ones that can offer you a number of benefits. Does anything come to mind?

We're here to tell about the three reasons residents all over the Southwest choose sliding glass door installation for their homes. But, before we spill the secrets, we thought you should know a little about us.

Since 1984, Optum Home Solutions has been a leading window and door replacement company in the Southwest, offering unique solutions for our clients. With expert installation services and top-of-the-market products, we're proud to provide solutions designed to last your home for a lifetime.

Ready to learn about the top three reasons people enjoy sliding glass doors? Let's dive in!

Enhanced Security

Often, people will think that a sliding glass door will offer less security—however, this isn't necessarily the case. By having a slot to slide into, a sliding glass door replacement is more secure and stable than a traditional door. Along with a lock-in-place mechanism, your sliding glass door won't budge when it's pushed and pulled while in the locking position.

A Wide Range of Materials and Styles

Not only should sliding glass door installation offer you functionality benefits, but it should also be an expression of your unique style and taste preferences. When you opt-in for sliding glass doors for your home, you'll be able to choose from the following materials:

  • Steel 
  • Fiberglass
  • Vinyl 
  • Aluminum

With many styles and materials available, you're bound to find the perfect sliding glass doors to complement your home beautifully.

Increased Energy Efficiency

People think that sliding glass doors let more light into your home, and makes them less energy-efficient, but this is not the case. With thick, durable glass that's been layered—sliding glass doors work to keep your home more thermally controlled. What will you buy with all the money you'll save on your monthly energy bills?

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